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Welcome to Israel, Ale!

We wanted to show you what you mean for us and how much appreaciation we have for
you, so we asked Juventus' fans (and your fans) to write or tape a few words.


Ciao Alex,

Just wanted to tell you that even though we don’t have many years that separate between us (i will be 38 years old next Summer... :), you are actually the player that make me fell in love with the game of Football and specially Juventus football club.
Even tough i have notice your brace and talent in earlier games for Juve, the game against Dortmund on the Champions League of season 95' left me with the feeling that there will be no other team and player for me...
i have manged to fulfill my dream to see you play for Juve, and even scoring the first goal against AC Milan at the Stadio Comunale -
one memory that i never forget was to meet you in person on Vinovo, and take a short Pic and autograph :)

I'm not a person that cry to much... for some reason, when it comes to you Capitano, i cant count the times that i did... :)

Grazi per tutti Capitano!!!

Lior Benisti


Welcome Alessandro й | Jacki Izraev

Ciao Alessandro! Ti aspetto in Israele! Per me tu sei il più grande di tutti di Ronaldo Messi e persino di Buffon! Sarei felice di vederti qui️

Welcome Alessandro й | Jacki Izraev

Ciao Alessandro! Ti aspetto in Israele! Per me tu sei il più grande di tutti di Ronaldo Messi e persino di Buffon! Sarei felice di vederti qui️

Hii alex | Ariel Barzilay

Hey Alex,

I ust want to thank you for all the best moments that u gave me. 

I treasured every moment from 96'

I wish u all the best and good luck whatever u will do. 

I are the best captain ever. 


Shahar Patury

New stars will come, stars will leave, but for me you will always be number 1.

ללא שם.png

Caro Alex | Tomer Farkash

Sono un Juventino da quando avevo 9 anni, e tu sei la ragione per cui sono diventato uno! Ti ho visto giocare alcune volte ed è il mio sogno incontrarti! Spero di avere finalmente la possibilità di farlo quando vieni in Israele! Ti stiamo tutti aspettando!



Hey and peace ♡ | Esti Abramov

I wanted to thank you both because of you to I started to love football. In 2004 a good friend introduced me to juva and since then everything is history. My brother is an Inter fan and since then an Italian war has started at our home ⚪⚫ In 2006 my brother flew to the United States and I managed to convince him to buy me your shirt and since then she is with me in every game.



Mustafa habib allah 

That opportunity only once in a lifetime .. and del Piero has only one.. il grande capitano


Welcome to Israel | Vadim Berger

Alex hi,


I'm very pleased that you are visiting our amazing country. No matter where you are on a globe, with Juve shirt you have no other option than win, I'm attaching to this email a picture of me taking first place in a 5x5 competition, 


I'm supporting Juve since 1989 and had a very big luck of seeing you playing in the best team on earth, by the way, you can see on a picture attached that we continue this good tradition and my 3 yars old daughter is not familiar with other colors, just bianco e nero, 


I'd like to meet personally if it would be available while you are in Israel, 


Anyway, if you need some assistance with Israeli visit, don't hesitate to ask, we Juventino should help each other everywhere 


Welcome again and hope you will enjoy your stay, 


Forza Juve my friend and legend! 


P. S. I don't know what your plans for March 12, but I plan to see mybteam kicking Atletico's ass, so if you don't have other plans, we could do it together, the Heineken is on me 


Me and Alex | Yosi Amira


My visit to Alessandro restaurant | No'man Aboarab

it was an unbelievable night in Los Angeles and that was our last night at our honey moon trio' i heard about your restaurant and i praid to catch you there, we arrived and u where so kind for us and i talked with u a lot. although me and my wife are fans of the German football and u smashed our dream in 2006 to win the world cup but u are an absolute legend and a great and humble football star, thanks for your magical feet Alex 
love you and hope to c you again! 


Ciao Ale | Doron Bartov 

Great fan of you since 1996 :)

This is me and a friend sending our love 

doron vierri.jpg

Mr.Alessandro | Oddo Dood


My name is Omri,

I want to say thank you for all those years, thank you for the inspiration of great big heart.
Since I was little I loved Juve , started with Roberto Baggio and when he left I stayed with you.
I had a great memory and pleasure from that free kick against Monaco to some bad times that you said you will never leave the old lady and closing that cycle with your free kick against Lazio which give Juve 2-1 on the way for first scudetto after years.


Hope to see you soon!


Ofer Genud


Message to Del Piero | Hady Ghantous

Not every Juventus fan loves Del Piero, but every Del Piero fan loves ... You were the reason that I started supporting Juve



La ragione per amare il calcio | Haim Rogol

In onore di Sua Eminenza, il mio unico ed eterno eroe! Benvenuti in Israele e sperate di trascorrere un piacevole soggiorno e sperate che vi portino nel modo migliore e più piacevole possibile


WhatsApp Image 2019-03-03 at

Noy Vered​

You are the main reason I started to love football since I was a little boy and start to love our old lady. Im realy excited when I saw you are coming to Israel and can't wait to see you.

נוי ורד.jpg

Dror Yosef

Dear Ale,


Welcome to our country. hope you enjoyed your visit.

Im a juve fan from 1993, you are the first player that I admired and the greatest player for me, not only as a player - also as a person that many kids look at as role model.

Everytime i see a video with your goals and skills it makes me happy.


Best wishes,


דרור יוסף.jpg

Caro Alessandro,

Non ho parole. Capisco che non sono esattamente il tipico calcio appassionato, ma prendi in conto che ero una giovane studentessa (Siena, 1969) anch'io una volta.

Allora - la nonna sono io (68). Il ragazzo (36) - mio figlio. I nipoti (7) e (3) sono la terza generazione di UVE ammiratori. Gli altri sono tutti amici del mio figlio.

Credo che non devo dire niente altro, e sono sicura che ci vediamo durante la vostra visita d’Israele. Ormai sono anch’io una vecchia signora, no?

Yael (Gisella).


Dott. Yael Even


יעל 1.jpg
יעל 2.jpg
יעל 3.jpg

Caro Alessandro,


23 anni fá in un articolo del Quotidiano Israeliano qualcuno scriveva delle 10 migliori promesse del Calcio Europeo, e sembrava giá che tu saresti stati il migliore !!! E mi sono reso conto che era vero, da quando sono diventato un tifoso de Juventus , e non solo di questa squadra ma il tuo personale. Ti ho visto molte volte da vicino ( al " Delle Alpi" , in altri stadi d ' Europa e Italia , anche quando hai giocato contro il Maccabi ) Sono molto felice che tu sia in Israele , spero che il nostro Paese ti piaccia e ti auguro una stupenda permanenza . Con affetto e stima,



רונן 2.jpg
רונן 1.jpg

Yaniv Menashe

יניב מנשה.jpg

Dear Alessandro Del Piero,

I am writing you this with my hands shaking, because I just can't believe that you are even going to read this!!

My name is Nawras, and I am one of your greatest fans ever, if not the greatest! I want you to know that you were, and you will always be my favorite football legend! I've been a fan since I was 9 years old, and because of you, I fell in love with the black and white stripes! Because of you, I became a hardcore Juventus fan! I remember that there were times when my friends used to call me names such as "Alexandra", "Alessandra", or simply "Del Piero" realizing how much you meant to me! As a kid, my whole life revolved around you. I used to proudly wear Juve/Italy shirt with your name on the back to school, and anywhere! Even today, I still wear Juventus shirt with your name on the back in the University! Watching you; a football legend, play with Juventus and Italy is the best thing to ever happen to me! For me, "football", "Juventus", "Italy", and "Del Piero" are just four words that have the same meaning! As I grow older, I'll make sure I'll tell my children and my grandchildren that their mother/grandmother have witnessed a living legend! I will also make sure I tell them how much I cried when you left Juventus.

I will always support you, and I wish you the very best, Capitano! Per sempre nel cuore!



Dima Izhakov

Hi Alex,

I am looking forward to meet you, you are my childhood hero and one of the main reasons I love Juventus.

Thank you for everything you have done for football, you are true role model.

Forza Juve!!!


בן דגן.jpg

We Love You | Asaf & Alina Israel​

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